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Racy Web Comedian Uldouz Wallace Is Special - - Instagram Hire Her Please!

I have always been a fan since day one to this famous web comedian, she has been eyes and a great role model for many young models. Well, she is not my role model but I am definitely her fan. Life is but a fair lie. Good life? - - you will have to earn it.

Uldouz Wallace's instagram account has over 4.5 million followers. I remember when she used to post back in the day, she did not get many likes as she gets now. For one comedy video post she usually gets around 200,000 likes. She has a youtube channel with more than 150k subscribers and a website called

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The instagram allure, queen of comedy has got a talent for comedy and she ain't no joke. Her status is always on the rise. I guess you are reading this because you like her and you would like to know a bit more of her. Well, you have come to the right place my reader. Life is like a race, well she is runn…

The Mysterious Story About Brittanya Razavi's Beauty, Everyone Should Know Before And After The Fame

Ever know women who have tattooes? Black Chyna is one of them and she is hugely famous because of her tattoos.

Who is Brittanya Razavi?

Well, she is a famous Mexican-Irish Instagram model who was the first female whom ever had her cheeks pierced. The style got popular and it was globally known as Brittanya Piercing. One of the unique quality that she has, she is not swagger jacker but a trends starter.

Brittanya Razavi is a famous and well loved American actress, model and Social Media Personality. She has been on screen such as on VH1's Rock Of Love Bus and another show called Charm School 3 which is big success for her image. Her age is 31.

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Wanna know more of Brittanya before the fame?. She did. Take a closer look, this sexy allure model does have a nice face thou but her curved shaped body is way better.

Some of the women on Instagram are multi talented and not just depending on showing their naked …