Turns Out Austin & Ally's Theme Song Was Written By Julia Michaels It's No Surprise At All

  December 29, 2017    THE SPNZ   
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The TV Show Austin & Ally has been aired for six years by now which the show's actors loaded in many ways. But here a mistake of pretending to much about the show and all.

It turns that the Best New artist Grammy Nominee, Julia Michaels has a the best voice in town to write a song for the popular teen series even before she was this brilliantly famous. What makes this special is that she has done hard work before getting where she is today.

It's no surprise if this news did not come by surprise to you since most of us know how talented this singer is.

Julia actually wrote the song "Can't Do It Without You" when she was 16 years old with fellow songwriter Joleen Belle. As they say that that hard optimized work pays better, well, here is some testimonies.

The song was meant to be performed by Ross Lynch and then Laura Marano. As this proves that not all singers must be in Billboard to earn a living.
“Joleen and I started doing library sync and promo stuff. When I was 16, I would hear my songs on The Hills and promos for The View––it was awesome,” Julia shared.
 This is some hard truth but we like to think that Julia's fashion is ridiculous but it's so appealing.

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