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The Mysterious Story About Brittanya Razavi's Beauty, Everyone Should Know Before And After The Fame

Ever know women who have tattooes? Black Chyna is one of them and she is hugely famous because of her tattoos.

Who is Brittanya Razavi?

Well, she is a famous Mexican-Irish Instagram model who was the first female whom ever had her cheeks pierced. The style got popular and it was globally known as Brittanya Piercing. One of the unique quality that she has, she is not swagger jacker but a trends starter.

Brittanya Razavi is a famous and well loved American actress, model and Social Media Personality. She has been on screen such as on VH1's Rock Of Love Bus and another show called Charm School 3 which is big success for her image. Her age is 31.

Wanna know more of Brittanya before the fame?. She did. Take a closer look, this sexy allure model does have a nice face thou but her curved shaped body is way better.

Some of the women on Instagram are multi talented and not just depending on showing their naked body. Brittanya must have had it rough while growing up as she knows how to save that money. She was left alone at the age of 15 after her father was sent to prison. So I guess she had to learn the hard way. At the end of this read, you will get the same insight that I am seeing. How tall is she? She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Brittanya in the middle, red dyed hair, with her friends
The super curved model is the Chief Executive Officer of 187 clothing and KingsCabin. With all that said, she does not mind to show her cleavage at vulnerable positions. Her net worth is $6 million and of right now, she has over 8.7 million followers on Instagram. Both IG and Snapchat usernames are Brittanya187.

Having being the CEO of two brands as a fitness model on Instagram is just awesome and respectful. Her instagram is @brittanya187 and Snapchat are TheBrittanya187. She is a 31-year-old model with hot assets and also a mother of three sons, named Romeo, 16 and Cash, 6, and Legend, 4. Romeo is grown up and lives with his father who is his mama's ex.

She is happily married to Lucky "Moe' Razavi who is Persian as you know how beautiful their children are.

Since she is a tough woman, growing up struggling through life, you can understand why she did that. Brittanya's first son is living with his father.

The Mysterious Story About Brittanya Razavi's Beauty, Everyone Should Know Before And After The Fame

The 31-year-old beauty was sent to jail for the assault charges after her and her older sister Tiffany O'Campo, smashed someone at a house party with a bottle over the victim's head and also the victim was vigorously punched. The law was not cool about it and so they were both sent to jail. Both sisters are now in bail. She pleaded guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Did Brittanya Razavi ever undergo the plastic surgery?. 

What you expect is some rumors but here is the word of mouth from her. First of all, she is an open book and an honest celebrity. She came public with the answers about her going through the plastic surgery. She has been open about it and did not deny, let alone she explained of wanting other women to know if they have money - - they can easily make it happen. She is not the type of celebrity who act like they woke up flawless in the morning and hide the fact they did the plastic surgery.

The Southern California allure is a certified bombshell has made money and she is not new to the luxuries as most of the models out there. She is independent and know how to get it. Plus she was born in Oxnard, California.

She is in very good terms with Jailyne Ojeda and Uldouz Wallace. They are both super curved models - - small waists on delivery. The beauty has been the face of over 12 magazine covers. Her tattoos had helped her to get into getting her face on the Savage Tattoo magazine.

Visit her Wiki Page at Wikipedia.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram


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